The 2 Things You Should Do To Prevent Tofu From Sticking To Your Grill

Whether you're vegetarian, flexitarian, or vegan, tofu is a reliable source of plant-based protein — one that existed long before the modern meat alternatives that are commonly available today. Originating in China during the Han Dynasty, which was roughly about 2200 years ago, Tofu Bud claims that the food is as popular in East Asian cuisines as meat and dairy are in Western ones.

While tofu has been well-known in the West since the 1980s, there is still some stigma around it — mostly due to the fact that people don't know the best ways to use it. Stir fries, smoothies, and soups are just some of the dishes to which tofu lends its protein-rich, and soft texture. But you can also take additional steps, such as freezing your tofu to make it seem more like meat, or coating your fried tofu in cornstarch to give it a nice crispy exterior.

However, when it comes to grilling tofu, there are two things to keep in mind in order to keep it from sticking and ultimately losing that satisfying texture.

How to grill tofu

Grilling tofu can be a frustrating endeavor, especially if you don't know exactly what you're doing. That's because tofu isn't meant to be treated like meat, at least not when it's on the grill (via Serious Eats). Unlike chicken or steak, tofu doesn't have to be cooked through to the center. All you need to do is brown the exterior. But, if you don't do it right, you could end up getting your tofu's skin to the perfect shade of crispy, golden brown, only to find it left on the grill when it comes time to plate. So not only will you want to grill your tofu covered over low and indirect heat, but you'll also want to be sure you're prepping your grill.

That's right, don't blame the tofu — or your innocent vegetarian friend who brought it to the cookout. If it's sticking to the grill and falling apart in the process, the fault is likely with you. According to Serious Eats, cleaning your grill properly will help prevent the charred tofu skin from sticking to the grate. But the issue doesn't lie in having the right special cleaners for your grill. Instead, Weber Grill says that you should be cleaning your grill after you preheat but before you plop down any food. In doing so, the tofu and your friendly tofu-loving friends will thank you.