The Shop Where Giada De Laurentiis Goes For The Best Chocolate In Italy

While she may be best known for her pasta-forward dishes and her personable nature, cookbook author and Emmy Award winner Giada De Laurentiis also appreciates good Italian chocolate. During a trip to Italy, De Laurentiis took to social media to share her culinary adventures while she vacationed in Milan. In an Instagram post, the Food Network chef spilled the tea on her favorite place to get chocolate when she was in Italy by sharing a video that showed a ceramic mug full of thick, creamy hot chocolate that looks like every chocolate lover's dream come true.

As The Petite Cook reports, Italian hot chocolate, also called "cioccolata calda" in Italian, is different than the American version of the drink in a couple of ways. The article explains that this thick, rich beverage is often served with a spoon, since it can resemble a warm pudding, and the drink's consistency is achieved by using chocolate bars melted in warm milk that's been thickened with a little cornstarch. In a country that's known for creating decadent, delicious chocolate confections, where would one go to experience the best chocolate that Italy has to offer?

An artisan chocolate maker with a family history in the chocolate industry

According to De Laurentiis, chocolate maker Guido Gobino in Milan serves the best chocolate in all of Italy. In an article on her website, Giadzy, De Laurentiis shares that whether she wants hot chocolate or gianduja, a chocolate and hazelnut treat ranging from spreads to individually wrapped chocolate or whole chocolate bars, Guido Gobino is her favorite place to purchase and enjoy those chocolate creations. The shop makes chocolates using locally sourced ingredients and blends traditional chocolate-making methods with modern innovation.

As noted on Guido Gobino's website, the Gobino family began making chocolates in 1964 when Guido's father Guiseppe began making the sweet treat. Guido joined the family business in 1985 and since then he's continued to source the best raw ingredients such as cacao from various places across the globe, including Mexico, Ghana, and Trinidad, while other ingredients such as milk, hazelnuts, and beet sugar are locally produced in nearby regions of Italy. If you get a chance to visit Milan, stop into Guido Gobino's to try the chocolate and see if De Laurentiis is on to something in naming it the best chocolate in Italy.