The Unexpected Ingredient For Homemade Mayonnaise With A Bite

Mayonnaise is a staple condiment all around the world, and the appetite for the creamy white condiment is only growing: In 2022 the global mayonnaise market reached 12.3 billion USD and is only poised to grow, according to Imarc.

The yearly rise in astronomical mayonnaise sales doesn't mean that the sauce is not extremely divisive. There have been claims in the past that millennials have "killed mayonnaise", branding the condiment as too boring. But there have also been ardent defensive missives written on behalf of the white paste that at times stirs up emotions against what it culturally represents — literal whiteness and cultural appropriation, as Emily Dreyfuss wrote for Wired. But whether you slander the condiment or slather it liberally with joy, most will agree that homemade mayonnaise is worth the effort to make, as it's superior to the store-bought variety (per InsideHook). And there's one ingredient to add to your mayonnaise to give it a bite that will make it anything but bland.

Spice up your mayonnaise with a kick

There are many ways to make mayonnaise, from making it more garlic heavy or trying to make a faithful replica of the beloved Kewpie mayo. No matter how you mix up the base standard made of eggs, salt, dry mustard, lemon juice, white wine, and oil, one chef from Chicago, Paul Virant, recommends adding horseradish.

As reported by Food & Wine, Virant states that for an extra kick in your mayonnaise, you should grate fresh horseradish and add it to the mix, and even add in a chili garlic sauce or sriracha before adding oil. Adding horseradish to condiments or dishes that some may consider bland or boring is no one trick pony, either: potato salads can be perked up with this pungent root vegetable. Just make sure to buy fresh horseradish during the peak (and short-lived) season. Once you've made homemade mayonnaise with horseradish, you can serve it to your mayonnaise-hating friends and see if that won't change their minds.