Can Wonton Wrappers Replace Instant Noodles?

Most commercially sold wonton wrappers are made of wheat flour, egg, salt, and water, per Ehow. That being said, most flour-based products are made of the same ingredients, but often yield different textures and appearances. What makes wonton wrappers so good for making wontons, rather than dumplings or egg rolls, is the thickness and the flour-to-liquid ratio (via All Recipes). As wontons are mostly found in soups, wonton wrappers must be delicate, tender, and yet firm enough to hold their shape. 

Thanks to the popularity of wontons and Chinese cuisine in general, wonton wrappers are usually available in the Asian section of your local supermarket, or online from retailers like Amazon and Walmart. If you have them sitting in your refrigerator, you'll be glad to know that they can be used for more than just cream cheese wontons, crab rangoon, or wonton soup. Thanks to their egg flavor and slippery texture, wonton wrappers are much more versatile than you might think.

Yes, you can use wonton wrappers instead of instant noodles

Like wonton wrappers, there are a plethora of different instant noodles available to us, each with its own texture, thickness, and flavor. According to Web Japan, most instant noodles are made with wheat flour, water, salt, and alkaline water (which keeps them chewy). The reason why instant noodles have such a long shelf life is due to the dehydration process. Instant noodles are usually deep-fried, ridding them of any moisture, making them one of the most convenient meals to prepare when time is short.

If you're in a pinch for a quick noodle soup or just want a healthier alternative, wonton wrappers will do the job. Because wonton wrappers are thin and fresh, rather than being dried, they cook in two to three minutes (via Spice the Plate). The caveat here is the difference in texture and overall dining experience. The sensation of slurping up instant noodles is quite a unique feeling that cannot be replaced with wonton wrappers. You'd be taking bites of a wonton wrapper, which also doesn't have the same bite that instant noodles have. However, they really do make a great noodle substitute (via Lifehacker), thanks to their tender texture and egg flavor. If you're too lazy to make wontons, you could even whip up a deconstructed wonton soup with torn wonton wrappers and meatballs. Can wonton wrappers fully replace instant noodles? No, but they can definitely act as instant pasta (or even ravioli) if you're craving noodle soup.