The Unconventional Way To Caramelize Beets

Beets don't always get a lot of love. According to the Atlantic, when people express their feelings about this root vegetable, many claim it "tastes like dirt." But not everyone feels this way towards the beet. Some people love the taste and texture they provide to salads and if you are Australian, you may even like a slice of beet on your burger, per One Harvest.

Why are beets so divisive? It's not an easy question to answer. MasterClass touts the fact that of those who like beets, many find them to be sweet. The site goes on to share the everyday beet you find in a garden usually contains about 3% sugar while sugar beets are even sweeter and can have as much as 22% sugar packed in that ruby-red skin. So, how could anyone dislike a beet?

Perhaps, it has to do with how beets are prepared. MasterClass shares that some of the most common ways to cook beets are either to boil, steam, pickle, or roast your beets. However, to truly bring out the sweetness of your beets, you may want to try a rather unconventional way to caramelize them.

It makes them even sweeter

According to The Spruce Eats, when you place those sliced-up beets on a grill, they caramelize and become even sweeter. The Spruce Eats explains that this veggie takes on a "smokey" flavor from the grill, but also has more of a "candied" taste to it.

How do you grill beets? Do not go anywhere near your tin foil. While some vegetables taste great when they are packaged up using this wrap, beets are not necessarily one of them. Wrapping your beets in foil will just steam or roast them. Instead, simply cook them right on the grates. They also recommend opting for cooking on the outer edges of the grill where the heat is a little cooler and less intense.

If you plan on grilling your beets on the grill, Taste of Home says there is no need to remove the skins; however, the cooking site does strongly recommend a good cleaning to remove any visible dirt. That said, the blog Just Beet It suggests if you leave the skins on your beets when you grill, you may find they have a bitter taste. Just Beet It says you can remove the peel after you grill your beets to avoid this issue.