Trader Joe's Apple Product Names That Pushed The Envelope

Apple products may feel synonymous with the fall season, but we believe they have a place in recipes throughout the year — and Trader Joe's seems to agree. Per Trader Joe's website, they offer a number of apple-flavored snacks, sweets, and even meats, including hand pies flavored with pumpkins and apples, apple banana fruit sauce crushers, sweet apple chicken sausage, and of course, apple juice and a variety of fresh apples. The grocery chain also sells candles and foaming hand soaps that smell like Honeycrisp apples and apple cider, respectively, as mentioned by Salon.

Now, if Trader Joe's were to call some of these products "apple-flavored this" or "apple-scented that," that would seem kind of boring, right? That's where the power of marketing comes into play. The chain is known for its quirky product names that grab its customer's attention, like its cinna-dragons gummy candies or its brookie, which is a cross between a cookie and brownie. But some product names have been a little off, like "Bagels Spinosa...It Bagels The Mind," which was supposed to be a shout-out to the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, as explained on an episode of Trader Joe's podcast, "Inside Trader Joe's," titled "Frozen. The Foods."

Not every TJ's product name is a winner, so with that, here are a few apple product names that really pushed the envelope.

Biblical references

Many people are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. According to Britannica, Adam was created first, then Eve, via one of his ribs. These two had the whole Garden of Eden to themselves when one day, Eve decided to eat one of the forbidden fruits because an evil serpent tempted her to do so. Adam did so as well, and the two were punished in various ways.

At one time, Trader Joe's seemed to be inspired by elements of this story, naming certain products "Eve's Apple Buttered by Adam" and "Eve's Apple Sparkled by Adam," according to the "Frozen. The Foods" episode of Trader Joe's podcast, but ultimately, the names were removed.

According to The Columbian, the "Eve's Apple Sparkled by Adam" label was once placed on bottles of sparkling juice (without any alcohol). As for the "Eve's Apple Buttered by Adam" name, it's likely (though not confirmed) that this label was once used for jars of apple butter, as Trader Joe's does sell seasonal varieties like cranberry apple butter, as seen on Run Eat Repeat.

Quirky product names are here to stay at Trader Joe's, though it's probably best that the company steer clear of offensive or suggestive references.