The Distinct Flavor That Sets Vernors Ginger Ale Apart

If you're a soda fanatic, you may have heard or even tried the greatest ginger ale – even if you reside outside of the midwestern region of the United States. Per Awesome Mitten, Vernors ginger ale is sold in 33 states, although this drink is most beloved in its home state of Michigan. There, Vernors is prized as a cure-all, where its popularity stems from a mix of nostalgia and one-of-a-kind flavor.

According to Serious Eats, Vernors is arguably one of the oldest sodas in America and was first concocted by James Vernor, a pharmacist who worked at Higby & Sterns drugstore in Detroit. Supposedly, the first soda recipes were made in an attempt to replicate Irish ginger ales; however, Vernor had to drop everything to go fight in the Civil War, and his homemade ginger syrup was left behind. 

The syrup aged in an oak cask for his four-year absence, and upon his return, it was found to have taken on delicious flavors that have made it distinct from others. However, as the Detroit Historical Society shares, this is up for debate as a member of the founder's family has claimed that Vernor did not create the soda until after returning from the Civil War.

While the origins of this Michigan-based drink are speculative, there is no denying that the modern Vernors soda blend has a complex flavor that, to some, outshines every ginger ale on the market.

Sweet vanilla and spicy ginger makes for the ultimate combo

The result of James Vernor's drink took on a milder ginger flavor, a syrup with a vanilla taste, and a liquid that adopted a rich caramel coloring (via Serious Eats). According to HuffPost, many describe the flavor as a cross between cream soda and ginger ale because of its strong vanilla flavor, making it a tad sweeter than others.

While vanilla is heavily present, the ginger still holds its own and presents a spicy kick to drinkers, notes Detroit Free Press. Another unique feature of this soda is the high levels of carbonation. Christine Kole, a long-time fan of the drink, told the Press, "You taste the ginger in it, and it always makes me sneeze when I first drink it. It bubbles. That immediately hits my nose." The sweet and spicy notes, along with its satisfying bubbles, create the perfect balance for your palate and make it ideal for quenching your thirst on a hot day.

So, if you're looking for a new favorite soda that hits just right with a pop of fizz and multiple flavors, we recommend that you channel your inner Michiganian and check out Vernors for yourself.