Christina Tosi's Scale Trick To Make Any Dessert Look Better

If you've ever watched an episode of "MasterChef," you've likely seen Christina Tosi as one of the judges. She's a math major turned baking connoisseur, creating a chain of popular dessert shops known as Milk Bar, per her official website. She's also scored even more popularity thanks to shows like "Chef's Table: Pastry" and "Bake Squad" on Netflix.

Luckily, Tosi isn't super secretive about her tips, tricks, and techniques to make stellar desserts, sharing that she uses baking soda mixed with some type of acid to help her cookies spread out more when she's baking and how she uses clear vanilla extract to bring her Milk Bar cakes to life with a pop of flavor.

Tosi has perfected a myriad of desserts, such as brownie batter mug cakes and monte cristo sticks (per her website), but she also knows a thing or two about making store-bought desserts go from drab to fab. Here's her quick and easy scale trick that works for almost any dessert.

Slice it up!

OK, so this trick might sound a little too easy, but there's a reason behind it. According to Insider, Christina Tosi mentions that cookies, cakes, and brownies you tend to see in stores look way better when they're sliced into bite-sized or uniquely-shaped pieces.

But what's the deal with slicing up desserts, anyhow? Well, not only do they have a better visual appeal, but this quick and easy technique also shows guests that you care. Anyone can run into a grocery store, buy a dessert, and plop it onto a dinner table. But taking the time to slice it up? Now that's something most people don't do.

If you need some guidance with how to slice sweets like brownies or lemon-thyme bars, Taste of Home has you covered. They suggest slicing them into either squares, wedges, or long rectangles, which is best achieved with a bench scraper. For those who don't know, a bench scraper can be used as a knife, spatula, ruler, scraper, and a straight edge, according to Food52. Taste of Home mentions that this handy dandy tool is also easier to control for slicing compared to a knife, which tends to create lots of crumbs.

So next time you buy a store-bought dessert for a dinner party, be sure to take the extra time to slice it up for a more enhanced visual appeal.