Christina Tosi Discloses Her 'Secret Flavor Weapon' At Milk Bar - Exclusive

Milk Bar's desserts have become a delicious staple for the holidays, celebrations, and those everyday "treat yourself" moments. But what sets their sweet treats apart? We finally found out the secret flavor formula — for some of their baked goods, at least. Tasting Table sat down with founder and CEO Christina Tosi for an exclusive interview, during which she revealed her most helpful baking tricks that make the brand successful. Her dessert recipes are in the spotlight due to the treats' above-average taste and unique flavors.

So how does one achieve an above-average snack? Well, Tosi disclosed quite a few tips when it comes to her famous cakes and cookies, like being able to use baking soda and a type of acid as a troubleshooting hack to spread out your chocolate chip cookies more. The cookbook author also told us how she recently paired up with Fruit of the Loom for an epic collaboration that includes peppermint and starburst flavors, and she explained how she uses the ingredient that really brings those cakes — and Milk Bar's classic offerings — to life.

Clear vanilla extract is the key

In Christina Tosi's latest cookbook, "All About Cookies," she advises using clear vanilla extract in baking versus the darker kind you usually find in the grocery store. The chef told Tasting Table why this is the case, as she elaborated, "It depends on what flavor you want. There's a purpose for both ... If you have light brown sugar in a cookie recipe — light brown sugar, dark brown sugar molasses — you want your dark vanilla extract." A dark vanilla extract, Tosi explained, allows for a darker cookie that tastes "warming" and almost caramelized.

However, for her Milk Bar treats, she normally reaches for the clear vanilla extract, which enables a lighter, dreamier, and creamier taste. "That's when you choose the route of clear vanilla extract, which you can find in the grocery store more often than not," Tosi claimed. "That is the secret flavor weapon of the Milk Bar birthday cake or the Milk Bar confetti cookie or birthday truffles." Considering the success of Milk Bar's sugary treats, we will definitely utilize this recommendation on our next birthday cake for a lighter taste.

You can purchase from the Milk Bar x Fruit of the Loom collab on the Milk Bar website. Check out Christina Tosi's Instagram page to keep up with her latest baking projects.