Kroger's Food Trends Report For 2023 Shows Charcuterie As A Top Pick

Although charcuterie boards have been around for about 600 years, according to Business Insider, it seems safe to say that they've never been more popular than they are now. In fact, since 2019, the artful arrangement of meats, cheeses, and assorted other items on a board has become something of a phenomenon on social media.

The popularity of charcuterie boards with millennials and Gen-Z has no doubt contributed to their heightened presence on social media, notes Refinery 29. Interestingly, for an item traditionally served at parties and special events, the fascination with charcuterie boards seemed to grow during the pandemic, when people were spending more time at home, The List observes. Much of this fascination, perhaps, is attributable to the design element, which allows board assemblers to show off their artistic side. But the versatility of charcuterie boards is probably also a factor, as they can be customized for any occasion.

One thing seems certain: The charcuterie board trend shows no signs of waning in 2023. Supermarket chain Kroger, which for the past five years has been releasing an annual food trends report, recently announced that it expects personal charcuterie boards to remain one of the top trends this year.

The top food trends for 2023, according to Kroger

Kroger's 2023 Food Trends Report, announced via press release, offers some interesting insights into what the supermarket giant believes will be most important to its consumers during the coming year. Yes, charcuterie boards will remain popular, Kroger notes, as it expects its consumers to be in a festive and celebratory mood now that they're another year removed from the coronavirus pandemic.

Kroger is expecting entertaining to be a popular pastime in 2023. Hence, everyone's favorite arrangement of cured meats and cheeses will remain trendy. In addition to charcuterie boards, Kroger's 2023 Food Trends Report predicts a big year for snack spreads and dips, as people host more get-togethers for family and friends. Salt and pepper will once again be a favored snack flavor this year, the supermarket chain projects, and international food options — think Kroger's Private Selection Argentinian Inspired Chimichurri Blend, or Chicken Fried Rice — will also thrive as consumers embrace diversity when shopping.

Kroger is expecting plenty of parties, but it's also expecting plenty of home cooking — a pandemic mainstay — as well. Given that charcuterie boards have proven popular before, during, and after the pandemic, it should come as no surprise that Kroger has chosen them as a top pick in their 2023 trends report. The supermarket's preferred products for charcuterie boards this year include Murray's Mini-Brie and Cave Aged Gruyere, and Private Selection Greek Olives and Feta Mix, per the press release.