The New Mexico Burger That Inspired 2 Bobby Flay Menu Items

Bobby Flay is a household name. Audiences have enjoyed his shows and specials on the Food Network for over 25 years, where he continues to wow them with his culinary savviness, per Bobby Flay. From brunch to grilling to competing against the best chefs in the world, Flay is a great example of someone who excels in all kinds of cuisines. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, his restaurants have included the southwestern Mesa Grill, Bobby's Burger Palace, and Mediterranean-forward GATO, per Food Network. His shows, eateries, and cookbooks have inspired countless home cooks in the kitchen, but like any successful professional, Flay continues to be inspired by others.

According to Britannica, restaurateur Jonathan Waxman introduced Flay to the nuanced flavors of the Southwest, the cuisine he would become most famous for. Flay told First We Feast that when he was still a teenager, he discovered a recipe for shrimp with mustard cream and tarragon by Wolfgang Puck that he would make tirelessly. And while he was filming for the Food Network, Flay discovered a hamburger in New Mexico that he was so enamored with, he created his own version for two of his restaurants. This burger was clearly something very special for someone who's no slouch in the burger department — since Flay has written numerous books on burgers and grilling.

It included green chilies

Anytime you ask a chef about their favorite foods, especially a celebrity chef who has experienced the best eateries in the world, you have to assume that the answer must be a difficult choice. Bobby Flay's favorite food happens to be a good burger, according to Food Network. In his hometown of New York, he goes to JG Melon when the craving hits. But to find his most memorable burger, Flay had to go west. During an interview with Delish, Flay explained that he once visited a restaurant called La Casa Sena in New Mexico and ordered a green chile cheeseburger, a creation he called "incredibly good."

He took that experience and implemented the flavors into his Mesa Grill lunch menu and his Santa Fe burger, which was served at his Bobby's Burger Palace locations. On La Casa Sena's lunch menu, their Sena Burger includes Wagyu beef, bacon, extra sharp cheddar, and roasted green chile, which we can only assume is similar to what Flay experienced for his meal there. The dish is clearly a nod to its southwestern locale, but many of the other dishes appear to be heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. If you try to recreate this tasty-sounding sandwich at home, be sure to follow some of Flay's tips he shared on Today: Use 80/20 ground chuck beef, season with just salt and pepper, and cook your patty on a hot cast iron pan to get grillin' Southwestern style.