Martha Stewart Says This Is The Key To A Perfect Martini - Exclusive

There is arguably no cocktail that exudes style and class quite like a martini. The drink has existed and evolved for more than a century (per Difford's Guide), but one thing has remained true: Sipping on one will make you feel instantly cooler. Perhaps that's why it's the drink of choice for Martha Stewart, whose timeless taste and perpetual cool factor cannot be matched. 

If you follow Stewart on social media (and trust us, you should) then you know that she loves a good martini, so much so that it's the signature cocktail — aptly called a Martha-tini – on the menu at her new Las Vegas restaurant, The Bedford by Martha Stewart. "The way they make them here, shaken at the table, is so charming. It's the way I would do it at home," Stewart told Tasting Table in an exclusive interview during a recent visit to The Bedford.

If a trip to Vegas to experience the hand-crafted tableside Martha-tini is not in the cards for you anytime soon, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying this stylish drink right from home — that is, if you know how to make it the right way, because there's truly nothing quite as unclassy as a poorly prepared martini. We questioned Stewart directly for her tried and true secrets to a perfect martini every time. Much like Stewart's approach to most of her recipes, there's really no need to overcomplicate this classic. Simply do it well, and elevate the ingredients.

The specific formula for a Martha-approved martini

It doesn't take much to whip up a martini that Martha Stewart herself would surely enjoy sipping on. She told Tasting Table there are three things to keep in mind. First and foremost, she says it absolutely has to be "icy cold." A slightly chilled drink won't do it – opt for a frozen glass, or fill your glass with ice cubes while preparing your drink to make sure you're keeping things as frosty as possible. Secondly, Stewart says to take your cue from another legendary connoisseur of martinis. In the words of both Bond and Stewart, you want to make sure your cocktail is "shaken, not stirred." This will also help ensure your drink is served up super cold.

Finally, Stewart says all you need to complete the perfect martini is "a little bit of vermouth." No need to muddy things up with a heavy pour, though do be sure that you're lightly splashing in some good quality vermouth. Whatever you do, don't bury the flavor of your vodka under a bath of olive juice. That's especially true if you're using a high quality vodka with a unique, clean flavor profile. At The Bedford, for instance, Stewart noted that the martinis are made with "Żubrówka, which has bison grass in it," and lends an earthy and subtly sweet undertone to the drink, and is utterly divine when finished off with a lemon twist. 

If you want a delicious dry martini on more of a budget, Stewart insists you can't go wrong with Tito's vodka. It's distilled from corn, which lends a smooth, slightly sweet flavor with notes of pepper, and a buttery mouthfeel. In fact, Stewart said she "might have to change to Tito's," when it comes to her go-to martinis. We say follow her lead, grab your largest martini shaker, and enjoy every sip.

Click here to learn more and make reservations at The Bedford by Martha Stewart, inside The Paris Las Vegas, a Caesars Entertainment property. Following the latest from Martha Stewart on her Instagram.