Pizza Hut Breaks Record For World's Biggest Pizza With 68,000-Slice Pie

Americans are obsessed with pizza, even more so than Italy where these delectable pies originated. Statistics show Americans eat 3 billion of these pies annually, and as you're reading this sentence, 350 slices of pizza were just sold, according to Pizza Need. People in the United States eat an average of 23 pounds of pizza yearly, compared to just 16 pounds per capita in Italy, says Life in Italy.

Every year, companies seemingly try to outdo one another with their pizza sales. The longest pizza, says Guinness World Records, measured more than 1 mile long (6,333 feet) in California in 2017.

The most expensive pizza you can buy? The Louis XIII at more than $12,000, but the ingredients are worth every penny: caviar, lobster, and imported salt, among others, says Luxatic.

Eater notes a supermarket in South Africa baked a pizza weighing more than 26,000 pounds back in 1990. NIPfood in Rome, Italy, notes Streets of New York, eclipsed this record in 2012 with a pie of more than 13,500 square feet.

But one of America's most well-known pizza chains set a new record earlier this week, notes CNN.

Pizza Hut continues to push the pizza envelope

The pinnacle of pizza might have occurred this past week, says CNN. With the help of YouTube star Airrack, Pizza Hut celebrated the re-release of its Big New Yorker pie in Los Angeles. The city's gigantic convention center hosted the event where the nearly 14,000-square-foot pizza was baked a few sections at a time.

For context, that's equal to three NBA basketball courts. How many slices did this pie have? More than 68,000. It contained 6.82 tons of dough, 2.5 tons of sauce, and nearly 4.5 tons of cheese. The pizza chain donated the record to local food pantries. 

This world record represents another way the restaurant chain remains on top of Americans' minds. Pizza Hut has more than 6,620 locations in the United States, making it the largest pizza chain in the country, according to ScrapeHero. In 2001, the International Space Station received the first pizza delivery in space from Pizza Hut.

What's next? Pizza Hut's Yum! Brands plans to expand with more restaurants, notes Restaurant Business. In California, new three-wheeled, electric delivery vehicles featuring a warming box began deploying pizzas in late 2022, states The Drive.

Maybe we'll see drone pizza deliveries at some point? Domino's plans to experiment with that in New Zealand, according to Drone DJ.