Cinnamon Toast Crunch Is Teaming Up With Bugles For A Sweet And Salty Snack

Cereal and snack food giant General Mills is no stranger to innovation. According to the company's website, it was nearly 60 years ago – in 1964 – when the company introduced Bugles, "The corn chip snack shaped like a horn and made to be played with." While kids of all ages were sticking the little snacks on the ends of their fingers, General Mills was hard at work developing new flavors of Bugles to be sold all over the world. With flavors like peanut butter, nacho cheese, hot buffalo, ranch, and caramel aimed at the domestic market, Bugles designed for international markets featured flavors like ketchup, kimchi, tomato seafood, roasted rib, and seaweed.

On the sweeter side, General Mills introduced Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal in 1984, and for nearly forty years, fans have loved the crispy cereal with the magical "Cinnadust" cinnamon and sugar coating. Cinnamon Toast Crunch has seen its share of limited-release flavors, too. Current flavors include Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch and Apple Pie Toast Crunch as well as a spicy variation on the theme, CinnaFuego Toast Crunch. A new creation is on the horizon, too, one that brings old favorites together for a brand-new experience.

Get ready for Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bugles

Two tastes join forces in General Mills' newest release, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bugles. In a press release, General Mills says, "America's favorite cone-shaped snack will feature a dusting of Cinnamon Toast Crunch's iconic Cinnadust for a mix of salty and sweet snacking satisfaction." 

Instagrammer Cereallife teased the release of the new snack in November 2022 and said it was slated to hit stores in January 2023, also posting that one cereal devotee had snagged a bag in late December.

Given the fact that we're practically designed to love salty and sweet flavors together, this new mashup might just be a big hit. We can envision the new snack crunched up atop amazingly easy homemade ice cream or used to replace Rice Krispies to give your marshmallowy treats a fresh take. According to the press release, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bugles will be sold in convenience stores with a suggested retail price of $2.99.