The Optimum Way To Avoid Browning When Storing Apples In The Freezer

Apples are one of the greatest fruits to stock up on when autumn rolls around. They're an easy snack, incredibly nutritious, and can be used in a plethora of sweet and savory dishes.

It's a great idea to buy a variety of apples when they're in season since they keep well for many weeks at a time. According to Healthline, apples can stay good if stored in a pantry for up to three weeks, and their longevity increases when kept in the cold. If stored in the fridge, you can expect your apples to stay good for about a month or longer (four to six weeks). And, if you want to be making apple pies or fruit preserves well into the winter and spring months, you can slice and freeze your apples for up to eight months.

However, as you well may know, apples do have a risk of browning after they are cut. According to Glad, browning in apples occurs when oxygen is introduced to the fruit's tissue, leading to oxidation. While brown apple slices are definitely safe to eat, they can be unappealing, especially as the process is easy to prevent.

So, if you plan on freezing sliced apples anytime soon, listen up.

Use plenty of lemon juice

According to MasterClass, one of the best long-term storage plans for apples is to freeze them. However, you don't want to skip the important step of marinating the slices in lemon juice before sealing them away. All you have to do is toss the apple pieces in lemon juice to prevent them from browning. Once they're fully coated in the liquid, they can be dried and prepared for flash freezing.

According to BBC Good Food, it is simple if you'd like to freeze apples. The first step, after coating each slice in lemon juice, is to lay the apples flat, giving each piece a bit of space between other slices, on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Then, stick the fruit in your freezer while it is set to its lowest temperature. The outlet notes this will keep the ice crystals that form smaller. After a few hours, once the slices are fully frozen, they can be moved into a freezer bag and stored for many months to come.

Masterclass does warn that frozen apples will not be as crispy as fresh ones; however, this method is preferable if you plan on making recipes that need cooked apples, like chunky apple sauce or heavenly apple pie