Sierra Nevada's New Juicy Little Thing IPA Kick Starts Limited Series

The New England India Pale Ale (NEIPA) style, aka the Hazy IPA, is having more than a moment. A variant of the traditional India Pale Ales, which, per Punch, were created in the U.K. during the early 19th century, Hazy IPAs were pioneered by a Vermont-based brewing company called The Alchemist in the early 2000s. But the unfiltered style has been gaining traction in the craft beer market since 2015 (via Hopped).

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has produced IPAs for over 40 years and helped jumpstart the Hazy IPA craze on a national level when it released the Hazy Little Thing IPA in 2018. Even larger brewers like the Boston Beer Company, best known for its flagship drink Samuel Adams, followed suit as demand for the emergent beer style became something of a phenomenon, according to The New York Times.

Sierra Nevada has continued to add new Hazy IPAs to its lineup in the five years since Hazy Little Thing debuted, including the Fantastic Haze Imperial IPA and the Summer Break Session Hazy IPA, observes USA Beer Ratings. More recently, the brewing company has premiered a new limited series Hazy IPA, which will only be available for a few months, per Sierra Nevada.

What to know about Sierra Nevada's Juicy Little Thing Hazy IPA

Sierra Nevada is starting off 2023 with a rotating limited edition Hazy IPA series, and the first offering is called Juicy Little Thing, the company has announced via press release. Brewed with a special strain of yeast and several varieties of hops — including Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic, and Sterling — Juicy Little Thing will be sold in six-packs nationwide through April at a suggested price of $12.99, with the next limited edition entry in the series expected to follow this summer.

"What's exciting about the Limited Hazy Series is that we're selecting hazy IPA variants with interesting and unique flavor profiles," notes Kyle Ingram, Sierra Nevada's Brand Director. "Drinkers who love the hazy IPA beer style are definitely going to love what we're doing because they'll get to try something fresh and different each time we release a new beer in the series, which will happen about three times a year."

The new limited edition offering is 6.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), which means it's not quite as strong as Sierra Nevada's Hazy Little Thing, which is 6.7% ABV, observes USA Beer Ratings; and not nearly as strong as the Fantastic Haze Imperial IPA, which boasts a whopping 9% ABV. Juicy Little Thing's calling card isn't its strength but rather its silken mouthfeel and fruit-driven flavor, including notes of apricot and tropical fruit, per Sierra Nevada.