The Best Type Of Flour To Use When Making Linzer Cookies

In appearance, Linzer cookies look like any ordinary shortbread cookie, with the same buttery snap and smooth surface. Among these popular yet neutral cookies, Linzer cookies become particularly in-demand during the holiday season, but they are forgotten for the rest of the year. This should not be the case, though, as Linzer cookies are as good if not better than their plain counterparts while being versatile in flavor and shape.

Linzer cookies are based off of the Linzer torte (tart), a traditional pastry from Linz, Austria, dating back to a recipe from 1653, (via Eat2Explore).  Unlike the Linzer torte, Linzer cookies are sandwich cookies, made up of a base cookie, a jam layer, and a top cookie that exposes the gem-colored compote beneath. Dusted with confectioners' sugar, Linzer cookies make a gorgeous addition to any cookie tray, especially during the holidays. Plus, the cookie part of the Linzer is not just any shortbread cookie; it's a nutty shortbread that brings a rich, roasted note to the pastry.

Almond flour

Original Linzer cookie recipes call for an involved nut grinding process as seen in The Daring Gourment's recipe. The traditional Linzer cookie is made from blanched almonds, which are almonds with the skins removed. Then, these almonds are ground into a flour and mixed into the batter. Rest assured, store bought almond flour will do the trick just fine. Most Linzer cookie recipes call for a batter of around three-fourths all purpose flour and one-fourth almond flour, a ratio that gives them their distinctive crunch (via Also the Crumbs Please).

While other nut flours may work for Linzer cookies, almond flour brings it in line with the original recipe. Furthermore, the subtle nutty flavor of almond flour, along with its texture, makes it the best addition to any flour-based cookie. Almond flour is usually one of the more popular gluten-free flour alternatives since its flavor is muted. 

This particular flour is a necessity in Linzer cookies. Without it, these are just normal, jam-filled, shortbread cookies. When comparing Linzer cookies with other buttery cookies, one will find that Linzer cookies also often require more ingredients, but the extra groceries are totally worth it.