Extra Creamy Sauce Is The Defining Feature Of Southern Squash Casserole

For those who call the United States of America home, particularly in the Midwest and Southern regions, casseroles may strike a nostalgic cord in you. These crave-worthy, feed-a-crowd meals are prized for their convenience, easy use of leftovers, and, of course, their undeniable deliciousness.

From the traditional Thanksgiving green bean casserole to a classic chicken casserole, even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy sitting down and slicing into these staple dinner dishes. While it's hard to pick a favorite, perhaps the humble squash casserole is one of the tastiest and most versatile casseroles recipes out there. This vegetarian-friendly meal is a particular favorite in the South, and can be found at church potlucks and on many families' tables when guests arrive, as per Southern Living.

Cheesy, crunchy, and veggieful, this squash bake is a standout main dish or pairs nicely as a side to a poultry dinner. We highly recommend trying this casserole out, but on one condition: don't go light on the sauce.

Add lots of cheese, please

As Southern Living notes, most Southerners love their fresh veggies smothered, dipped, or sautéed with lots of butter, cheese, and any other rich dairy product. And, when it comes to casseroles, there's no exception.

The secret to a luscious yellow squash casserole is concocting an extra creamy sauce that binds together the delicate squash slices and the crunchy bread crumbs together seamlessly. This dairy-filled sauce typically includes a combination of cheese, mayonnaise, and eggs. As Southern Living notes, the eggs cannot be excluded, as they are an important factor in obtaining the perfect casserole sauce. As per the site, eggs are a binding ingredient essential to many casseroles, and create a buttery element within this sauce.

In our yellow squash casserole recipe, we use sour cream, rather than mayonnaise, but either product will do. The sour cream is mixed in with the eggs alongside plenty of delicious spices. Dried onion, fresh thyme, salt, and pepper make our list, but use your preferred spices to make this casserole your own. And, we can't forget about the cheese. Grated cheddar cheese adds a perfect bite against the otherwise rich sauce. Pour the mixture over the sliced squash, bake, and you have a Southern delicacy waiting to be enjoyed in your kitchen.