The Affordable Gadget Jacques Pépin Uses To Get Evenly Sliced Produce

An egg slicer is a handy kitchen tool that can do more than just slice boiled eggs. While it may seem like a one-trick pony, this versatile tool can be used in a variety of ways to make meal prep and cooking a breeze. And that's exactly why it is one of the most underrated kitchen tools that Jacques Pépin continues to love and use (via Oprah). Though an egg slicer could be reduced to only slicing hard-boiled eggs and even soft-boiled eggs, there are so many more dishes that the tool can prep.

One of the most obvious uses for an egg slicer is slicing mushrooms, per Cuisine at Home. Whether you're making a stir-fry, a salad, or a pizza topping, sliced mushrooms are a staple ingredient. An egg slicer can quickly and evenly slice mushrooms, making them the perfect size for any dish. Another great use for an egg slicer is slicing kiwi. 

Kiwi can be a bit tricky to slice, as the skin is tough and the fruit is soft. An egg slicer can make quick work of slicing through the skin and cutting the fruit into perfect slices. Soft fruits such as strawberries or grapes are also cut easily in an egg slicer, according to Feels Like Home. This is especially helpful for recipes that call for a lot of fruit-cutting prep work such as fruit salads, jams, and sauces. 

The variety of ways you can use an egg slicer

An egg slicer can also be used to help prepare a charcuterie board by slicing soft cheeses such as brie or fresh mozzarella (via My Fridge Food). This can be especially useful when preparing a cheese plate or making a sandwich. An egg slicer can create even, thin slices without the need for a knife or a cheese slicer. But if you are hoping to prepare another type of protein using an egg slicer, then consider firm tofu. This is a great way to make tofu for stir-fries, salads, sandwiches, and more. 

Ultimately, an egg slicer is actually an inexpensive, versatile kitchen tool that can be used for a variety of tasks beyond slicing boiled eggs. With its ability to make uniform slices, this handy tool can save time and make meal prep and cooking a breeze. So, explore using the slicer for the many options beyond these too — like for olives, butter, and potatoes — you won't be disappointed.