Do You Really Need Herb Scissors?

When it comes to cooking, there's an abundance of kitchen gadgets available to get for your drawers and shelves — everything from citrus juicers to air fryers to knives to blenders and coffee grinders. But this variety can make it hard to choose what you do and don't need. Let's face it, there are definitely kitchen tools you shouldn't waste your money on.

Of course, when you are spending over 400 hours in the kitchen on an annual basis, per SWNS Digital, you want to have the cooking and baking gear that will help make your culinary endeavors a success. After all, no one wants to make cookie dough only to find out they don't have baking sheets or start a recipe for mashed potatoes only to realize they don't have a potato masher.

The same is true when you are dealing with green, leafy herbs. Herbs are fragrant and flavorful and can enhance many of your favorite dishes. Fresh herbs tend to have more subtle flavors than dry herbs do, but they are also more delicate (via Cook Smarts). In fact, their fragile nature may leave you wondering if you should have a pair of herb scissors for just such an occasion. But do you really need this tool?

Herb scissors help prevent bruising

How are herb scissors different from the regular kitchen variety? Herb scissors come with a single blade or multiple ones, per Cuisine at Home. The single-blade version resembles regular scissors; however, the blade is slender and sharp, making this type perfect for small herbs. A pair of multi-blade herb scissors usually has five blades and can quickly cut up herbs like chives within seconds. This type will definitely save you time, but if you want precise cuts, you may want to stick with single-blade shears.

Additionally, herb scissors make your prep work a lot easier for these dainty leaves and allow you to go cutting board-free. You can cut herbs right over the pots, pans, and plates you are mixing things up in. Easy as pie. But these scissors aren't resting on those laurels alone. They're also easy to clean with a simple wipe-down or a round in the dishwasher.

But these aren't the only reasons why herb scissors are a handy gadget. It can be difficult to easily cut herbs without bruising them. If you are overzealous with a knife when cutting up fresh, tender herbs, they can lose the aromatic and flavorful properties that make them so delicious in your recipes, per MasterClass. Herb scissors are specifically designed to help you avoid this.