Here's What You'll Find At Austria's 1,200 Year Old Restaurant

Opened in 803 A.D., the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium has been labeled one of the oldest restaurants in the world (per Food & Wine). Though Salzburg's St. Peter's Abbey was once home to 7th-century Benedictine monks, the structure now houses a stocked wine cellar and nearly one dozen dining rooms that offer traditional dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, and live music to guests.

First mentioned in a document during the time of Charlemagne, the monastery was originally focused on wine trade throughout the 11th century. Wagons moved loads of wine until a rock cellar was built in 1517 — a cellar that Faust is rumored to have visited, according to St. Peter. Ten years later, the cellar was extended, and the tavern became something of a hotel for workers. Since then, the rooms at the abbey have continued to evolve.

In 1992, the first restaurant lease was signed by Claus Haslauer and Veronika Kirchmair (via Matador Network). The couple redesigned the dining concept while striving to merge pieces of the building's history with a more urban, energetic twist.

Modern cuisine rooted in history

Today, the Michelin Guide describes the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium as a beautifully designed interior serving traditional Austrian dishes and classic favorites alongside a wine list that offers hundreds of choices for diners to choose from. Matador Network echos the review, commenting on the establishment's ability to tastefully balance old and new design through two unique dining concepts: Acthundert & Drei, a more formal restaurant setting, and the hip Mediterranean and Austrian cuisine-focused Peter. Wood carvings from the building's original 696 A.D. facade can still be seen, while rooms decorated in a Baroque style offer live Mozart concerts and dishes of Salzburger Nockerl to guests (per Matador Network).

The historic setting houses 11 rooms that can be booked for events, and even dogs are allowed on the premises, notes Salzburg. Gault & Millau has recognized the restaurant, and The Style Mate describes an epicurean experience that creatively modifies traditional dishes to offer a modern setting for guests. History buffs, this is the place for you.