Why You Shouldn't Try Making Popcorn In The Air Fryer

Air fryers are an incredibly convenient kitchen tool that's only growing in popularity, quickly climbing the ranks from a neat accessory to a standard in many kitchens. Despite the name, the appliance doesn't fry anything but quickly cooks food with hot air rapidly distributing — similar to a convection oven, but on a smaller scale, via Shine 365.

This results in ultra-crispy food without the oil needed to achieve the texture through frying. Air fryers usually cut down on cook times, especially for larger or harder-to-cook foods like meats, potatoes, etc. It's also a convenient way to cook foods without using your oven, being both more energy efficient and cooler during hot summer days. Most people love air fryers and the convenience they offer. For this reason, you may be inclined to try your luck popping popcorn in your air fryer. However, there are a couple of reasons not to.

It could be a fire hazard

There are plenty of ways to pop popcorn, including microwavable bags, disposable stovetop popcorn, popcorn makers, and regular stovetop popcorn in a pot. The air fryer, however, is not an option, warns Homes & Gardens. For one, popcorn needs very high heat to get to the popping stage, which you won't easily achieve in your air fryer.

When popping a bag of popcorn or raw kernels, you'll notice that they stay stagnant in the hot pan or bag without moving until they begin to pop. In an air fryer, the convection fan will blow the kernels all around the chamber. Not only does this result in your popcorn not baking, but it also means they'll likely lodge into fans, vents, and, in the worst-case scenario, the heating elements, via Easy Healthy Recipes. At best, this will render your air fryer useless, but it could also become a serious fire hazard. Remember, air fryers are essentially convection ovens. Trying to cook popcorn in the air fryer is equivalent to baking it in the oven. Stick to tried and true methods of preparing the buttery snack for the best and safest results.