Ina Garten Always Has Chicken Stock In The Freezer And So Should You

There are some days when you come home tired and want a satisfying meal fast. Maybe it's not a take-out kind of night and you do want to cook, but when all the ingredients you need aren't in your refrigerator or pantry, it's frustrating. No one wants to run out to the store when you're already settled in.

There are a few pantry staples you might want to consider always having on hand for one of these occasions, like rice, pasta, your favorite sauces in a jar. One thing you might not think about organically, however, is something that Ina Garten says she always keeps in her freezer — chicken stock. 

It's true that you can keep your favorite boxed chicken stock in your pantry, and there are plenty of good brands to choose from, but Garten makes a good case for having homemade chicken stock in your freezer, per Parade, and it's not just for stews and soups.

Homemade stock elevates your dishes

According to Parade, Ina Garten likes to keep homemade chicken stock in her freezer and it's no surprise that this queen of the kitchen would have such a brilliant hack. Chicken stock is not just for making your favorite soups or hearty stews; It can be used for casseroles, quinoa salads, pastas, meat dishes, and even savory galettes, per Taste of Home

While boxed stock is fine in a pinch, Garten reminds us that making stock from scratch means you control what goes in and what you consume. Not only that, but making stock from scratch is a great way to use a leftover chicken carcass from a chicken dinner, as well as any other vegetables and aromatics you might have in your fridge. Garten recommends saving your stock in heavy duty ziplock bags so you can store them flat and save space, per Parade. Having stock on hand in the freezer means you can elevate any meal you might like to make and give it extra flavor. 

Food & Wine also notes that Garten likes to keep pre-made soups in the freezer, which is even better news for days when you come home famished and want a quick and delicious meal.