Why You Should Use Sugar Syrup For Irish Coffee Instead Of Cubes

Not reserved for only St. Patrick's Day celebrations or Irish pubs, Irish coffee can easily be made and enjoyed at home. Perfect for a chilly afternoon or an after-dinner pick-me-up, a mug of Irish coffee provides caffeine, a touch of sweetness, and a slightly boozy flavor.

To make one mug of Irish coffee, Food Network recommends using one cup of freshly brewed coffee, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a jigger of Irish whiskey (that's 1½ ounces), and whipped heavy cream. The classic vessel for Irish coffee is a clear glass-footed mug, which should be preheated with hot water before the hot coffee is added. Next, the sugar should be added and dissolved, then Irish whiskey should be incorporated. Finally, top with whipping cream and garnish with cinnamon or shaved chocolate if you like. For something a little extra tasty, a cream float can be added instead of plain whipping cream, which consists of heavy cream, powdered sugar, and freshly grated cinnamon, per Michelin Guide

While many bartenders, both professional and at home, use spoons of sugar or sugar cubes to sweeten their Irish coffee, sugar syrup should be considered instead.

More room for the good stuff

By swapping sugar cubes with sugar syrup, more room is available for the Irish coffee's other ingredients, Pamela Wiznitzer, past president of the United States Bartenders' Guild, told Michelin Guide. Who doesn't want space for a little more whipped cream or whiskey? She said that sometimes sugar cubes take a while to dissolve in the coffee, making sugar syrup a great alternative. 

Having produced Irish whiskey since 1780, Jameson recommends using demerara sugar syrup in its Irish coffee recipe, which is made by dissolving two parts demerara sugar in three parts of boiling water. Demerara is a raw sugar tasting slightly of caramel and with a dynamic sweetness. Like white sugar, demerara is made from sugar cane and was first made in South America, according to Healthline. It's commonly sprinkled on cakes or muffins for decorations or added to tea and coffee as a sweetener is another common use. Demerara syrup for alcoholic beverages can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one month.

Next time you are yearning for a little extra pick-me-up while also wanting something a little boozy to drink, try making an Irish coffee with sugar syrup for an inviting beverage.