Starbucks Is Celebrating Lunar New Year And Valentine's Day With New Merch

Starbucks is always focused on keeping its coffee selections fresh. There's a reason, after all, the company now has over 35,000 locations around the globe, according to Statista. Starbucks started the New Year by announcing two new coffee additions to its winter menu — Pistachio Latte and Pistachio Cream Cold Brew — and also declared that it was bringing back its whole bean Tribute Blend, more than a decade after it was first released in conjunction with the company's 40th-anniversary in 2011.

And although the coffee focus is always strong at Starbucks, it seems the coffee giant's New Year's resolution for 2023 is to step up its merch game. Last week, the company unveiled a limited edition winter drinkware collection, per its press release, featuring freshly minted cups and tumblers distinguished by floral designs and vivid pastel colors. 

Not wasting any time, this week Starbucks has announced two more new limited edition drinkware collections, each of which is associated with notable upcoming calendar events. One collection, takes its theme from the Lunar New Year, notes the company's press release, while the other features colorful love-inspired patterns created in honor of next month's Valentine's Day celebrations.

Starbucks celebrates the Year of the Rabbit

If you've ever wondered why some New Year's celebrations in countries like China, Korea, and Vietnam take place later in January, it's because many countries around the world base their calendars around lunar cycles, notes Britannica. China also has its own zodiac, which rotates annually through a dozen astrological signs, observes Reader's Digest. Since this year's sign is the rabbit, it should come as no surprise that images of cute, long-eared bunnies — along with springtime flowers — are staple elements in Starbucks' new Lunar New Year drinkware collection

Given the built-in appeal of these themed cups, mugs, and tumblers in select Asian countries, Starbucks has indicated that the Lunar New Year collection will be released in 15 markets in that region, including in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. The limited edition merchandise will be slightly different in Vietnam, however, since that country has its own zodiacal signs, with 2023 represented by the cat.

Starbucks' Lunar New Year collection will also be available in the U.S., though only at Starbucks stores inside Target retail outlets, per the press release.

Starbucks introduces Valentine's Day themed merch collection

Hearts abound in another Starbucks collection themed for an upcoming holiday — this one for Valentine's Day. In addition to its love-inspired mugs, tumblers, cold cups, and water bottles, Starbucks is also selling sets of hot cups whose hue changes color depending upon the temperature of the beverage within. That Valentine's Day drinkware option will be available only at Target-based Starbucks, the company has declared, but other collection items will be sold at all Starbucks cafés. "You Warm My Heart" gift cards will also be featured at all Starbucks locations leading up to Valentine's Day.

The new Valentine's Day drinkware collection, like the one revolving around Lunar New Year, is touted as a limited edition, meaning the items will only be on sale until supplies run out. Starbucks also points out that members of its rewards program will get bonus points for bringing in reusable cups like those featured in the new collections, along with a discount of 10 cents per cup.