Pizza Hut's The Big New Yorker Is Returning After More Than 20 Years

New York City is famous for its pizza with its large foldable slices, and Pizza Hut is hoping to once again win customers over with its version of the Big Apple's signature pie. Previously launched in 1999, the company's Big New Yorker Pizza gained many fans before it was retired from the chain's menu. According to CNN, after the beloved pie was removed from Pizza Hut's menu more than 20 years ago, devotees have sought its return, even starting a petition. Thankfully, the more than 4,000 fans that signed the petition can celebrate because it's now back and larger than ever. 

The pie is 16 inches in size and is cut into six very large slices that are perfect for folding to be eaten, per a press release. The Big New Yorker also features a sweet marinara sauce and is topped with parmesan oregano seasoning. The standard topping for the giant pizza is double pepperoni, but customers can also pick their own favorites. The price starts at $13.99 and extra cheese and toppings can be ordered for an additional charge.

It's returning just in time for the Super Bowl

Pizza Hut said it will bring back The Big New Yorker in time for Super Bowl parties. Sales of the New York-style pizza will begin February 1, 2023, at participating restaurants, according to the press release. However, Pizza Hut Rewards members will be able to order The Big New Yorker a day earlier than everyone else on January 31.

"The Big New Yorker was a huge hit when we launched it in 1999, setting the stage for future industry innovations like Pizza Hut Melts and Detroit-Style pizza," said Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut. "At 30% larger than our large pizza, now is the perfect time to answer our customers' requests and bring back The Big New Yorker in a big way right before the big game next month."

Pizza Hut did not specify how long The Big New Yorker will be available, so if you missed this style of pie over the last couple of decades, you might want to order it as soon as possible.