Why Duff Goldman Thinks Everyone Should Learn To Bake A Cake

It's easy enough to order a cake from a bakery, and in fact, celebrity chef Duff Goldman is happy to take your order for beautifully decorated cakes, either from his Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes or shipped nationwide via Goldbelly. But Duff understands the value of DIY when it comes to cakes as well. In a September 2022 interview with Tasting Table, Duff discussed his big plans for his 10-year-old Duff's Cakemix, where Los Angeles-based customers can schedule creative cake decorating sessions.

Duff told Tasting Table that part of the reason he's so excited to expand Duff's Cakemix to 250 U.S.-based locations with more slated internationally is the satisfaction customers feel after they've successfully created their own masterpiece in cake. He finds great joy in sharing his talents and passion for cooking while also teaching kids and adults alike about the fundamental happiness found in knowing how to take care of yourself by making food you love and love to share. 

In a new interview with Insider, Duff elaborates on why he believes everyone should know how to bake their own cakes, rather than simply ordering one of his.

Why should everyone be able to bake a cake?

Duff Goldman told Insider he believes there are three things every home cook should know how to bake; first and foremost is a cake. Why? Duff explains that there's always a special occasion around the corner, saying "Somebody in your life is going to have a birthday or a graduation or something and they're going to need a cake." 

Cakes are one of the highlights and certainly a focal point for celebrations from weddings to retirement parties, and not only can baking that cake help mark the occasion, but there's also something perhaps even more important demonstrated by the act of baking one yourself. Baking for people we care about is gratifying, according to Duff; It's a way to show our love. The baker explains that cakes aren't just a sweet treat, rather they're "physical manifestations of the emotion that you're feeling." 

While your cake may not be an elaborate masterpiece, a homemade cake can be your way to share your joy in marking a special occasion. Oh — and those other two things Duff thinks we should all know how to bake? Chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of homemade bread. It's good to have goals, even in the kitchen.