The Bubbly Ingredient You Should Add When Replacing Eggs For Baking

Whether you are vegan yourself or you are trying out vegan baking to accommodate a guest, you might be a little intimidated by making substitutions for eggs. Eggs not only bind ingredients together, but they trap air inside the batter which helps it lift in the oven to get perfectly fluffy layers according to The Lincoln Apartment Bakery. While there are plenty of replacements you can choose from depending on the recipe, your egg substitute might need some help in achieving the same results as eggs would. 

Insider explains that some substitutes include fruit purées, yogurt, and even flaxseed eggs which are whisked together with water. But most of those options cannot act as a leavening agent to create a lighter, airy texture in baked goods on their own. Instead of reaching for baking soda or baking powder, there's another surprising ingredient you can add to get great results. Best of all, you likely have it on hand.

Use this refreshing drink as your egg substitute

According to Insider, sparkling water can work with another egg substitute to create the full effect eggs would have in the recipe. Because gas is added to and trapped inside of carbonated water, it becomes a natural leavening agent in the same way that beaten eggs or whipped egg whites act. Another added benefit of using this refreshing drink in baking recipes is the added moisture it will lend to the cake, bread, or even muffins. Insider explains that this option is particularly effective when you are using a substitute that is somewhat heavier than regular eggs would be.

So, if you are planning to follow a recipe you love but are hesitant to make it vegan, try adding sparkling water to your batter along with your egg substitute. You just might be surprised at how effectively the carbon dioxide can lift and lighten the finished baked goods.