The Sparkling Water That Contains An Unexpectedly High Amount Of Sodium

There's been a surge in the popularity of sparkling water in the last several years. It's found its fans as a canned thirst quencher, fine dining accompaniment, cocktail mixer, and the soft drink shunner's solid replacement — sparking water wears many hats. 

Whether you call it sparkling water, soda water, club soda, or seltzer, the fizzy favorite is simply water with added carbon dioxide under pressure. Aside from seltzer, per Healthline, it also may contain added sodium. Sparkling waters like Pellegrino and Perrier come from natural springs, but they contain minerals and sulfur and fall under the same sparkly umbrella.

Along with the rise of water wellness has come a rise in the number of sparkling water brands, per Quartz. Those tall, green glass bottles may be the most popular of the OGs, but they now compete with some canned, colored, and flavored companions. But which of the bubbly bunch is not just higher in sodium than the rest, but also ranks many levels above?

Salty Spanish sparkling water

Vichy Catalan contains an unexpectedly high amount of sodium for sparkling water. Hailing from Spain, the country's most popular sparkling water comes with a whopping 1,097 milligrams of sodium per liter, according to Fine Waters. For comparison, San Pellegrino and Topo Chico contain about 40 milligrams per liter and La Croix has none (via HEB).

There are a handful of pros and cons of sodium levels in sparkling water. For starters, salt enhances taste and this is why sodium is often added to carbonated water, per Healthline. If you've ever opted for a bottle of bubbly over tap, you've experienced the difference in flavor. Another benefit, according to the makers of Vichy Catalan, is the electrolyte content. After any strenuous activity or period of time spent in the heat, the high sodium content will help replenish fluids lost. A downside to sodium in sparkling water, per University of Chicago Medicine, is how easily it adds up. If you're watching your sodium intake, the levels can sneak up on you if you're apt to chug a few cans throughout the day.

Overall, opting for sparkling over still is a matter of taste. How high you choose to climb on the sodium ladder comes with a couple other pieces at play.