An Easy Way To Remove The Chlorine Taste From Tap Water

Does your tap water give off a taste like chlorine? It may even have a scent more like pool water than drinking water. It may seem strange to sip it and wonder if you are drinking chemicals. Federal and state standards and regulations require the use of chemicals like chlorine to work as disinfectants, removing as much of the harmful bacteria as possible from the water we drink, as noted by the City of Chicago website. Chlorine is an important part of the standard treatment process as it helps to prevent bacteria from thriving in the pipes that carry clean water into the home.

It's not likely you'll be able to enjoy tap water without taking in some of this chlorine, though. Some people seem especially sensitive to it, though, and it can impact the flavor of drinks if you use it. What if you don't like the smell? There are a few things you can do to get rid of that odor and taste from your tap water before consuming it. Since water quality differs significantly across the country, you may want to investigate a high level of chlorine with your local water department, too.

How to remove chlorine taste and smell from tap water

It's not challenging to remove the flavor and smell of chlorine if you plan ahead. The easiest option is to fill a pitcher or jug of water from the tap and then allow it to sit on the counter for several hours. You can also fill it and place it in the refrigerator overnight. By doing this, the chlorine within the water evaporates, as noted by Imuni, leaving you with a natural water flavor without the chemical bite.

Some people may still be sensitive to it, though. In that case, utilizing a water filtration system for your home or sink can be critical. Culligan shares that one of the best ways to remove chlorine from drinking water is to install a home water filtration system that's designed to reduce the amount present. They recommend only a Water Quality Association-certified filter system that uses activated carbon filters to remove the water. There are also some water pitchers you can add to the fridge that will filter water like this as well, though a whole-home system may provide a better option for those particularly sensitive.