The Important Final Step You Shouldn't Forget When Making Soup

Americans enjoy more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year, reports AP News. Though it is easy enough to buy pre-made cans from the store, puréeing ingredients, choosing spices, and adding in just the right amount of vegetables can help you create your own soup heaven at home, encourages Twin Cities Co-op Partners

While soup cooks on the stove, delicious aromas fill your home, tempting taste buds long before the finished recipe is ladled into bowls. Plus, batches of soup can be made ahead of time so that easy, comforting meals can be served on demand.

Whether you're making a carrot ginger soup from scratch or want to reheat a Mexican rice soup that you froze last weekend, there's one finishing touch that is often overlooked. Since you have spent time chopping vegetables, measuring serving sizes, and salting your soup to perfection, be sure to give each bowl of soup the full care and attention it deserves. 

Dress up each bowl

Soup often appears simple when it's presented by itself in a bowl, but in order to signal the complex flavors that lie within, consider garnishing each bowl of soup, encourages Montana Happy. Not only do sliced chives and crispy shallots taste good, but the extra toppings also dial up the visual appeal of an average soup bowl. Tablespoon agrees: The soup you've spent time making deserves every added bit of love. 

It's easy to get creative with your soup accessories, explains Craftsy. Pair velvety soups with a bit of crunch, contrast the colors of the ingredients, and drizzle oils and sauces into bowls to create unique presentations to serve. 

Croutons placed on top of a roasted tomato soup or toasted pumpkin seeds sprinkled over our creamy, hearty red pepper soup can help bring the recipes to new levels, while herbs, cheeses, lime, crumbled bacon bits, diced tomatoes, and spoonfuls of Greek yogurt can all elevate a basic bowl of soup. With so much room for culinary experimentation, we can guarantee that making homemade soup will never be boring.