Panera Is Getting Cozy With New Toasted Baguette Lineup

If you've ever paid a visit to Panera Bread, then there's probably a good chance that you've sunk your teeth into a slab of its signature toasted baguette. It comes as a side with soups, mac and cheese, salads, and bowls. You can even specifically ask for a toasted baguette as the side for a sandwich if you have a scorching case of Bread-Head. If you happen to fall into this camp, Panera's new menu addition is coming with you specifically in mind.

In March 2022, Panera introduced its Chef's Chicken Sandwich, a first-of-its-kind offering featuring seared sous vide quarter-pound chicken filets (via According to Chief Brand & Concept Officer Eduardo Luz, it came with rave reviews. Last fall, Panera began testing its first-ever milkshakes. An ice cream drop in November might have seemed like peculiar timing, but its new toasty product is coming just in time for the long winter stretch months. 

In a press release this week, Panera announced that it will be adding toasted baguettes to the menu. As part of the release, the chain is also introducing three new sandwiches made on toasted baguettes. Here's what fans can expect.

Fans can get toasty for free

Panera's new Smoky Buffalo Chicken Melt features smoked chicken, American cheese, red onions, and Buffalo sauce atop a toasted baguette, per the press release. The Pepperoni Mozzarella Melt is sure to excite pizza lovers with a blend of mozzarella and fontina cheeses, pepperoni, and market sauce. The Green Goddess Caprese melt is a meatless offering loaded with peppers, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil, and arugula, drizzled with garlic aioli and the green goddess dressing fans might recognize from Panera's signature Green Goddess Cobb Salad.

The Toasted Baguette Sandwiches have already found a steady fanbase at Panera's European locations, reports Restaurant Business. Now, the offering is coming to the states for U.S. foodies to enjoy. Fittingly, Panera is launching a geographically-inspired promotion in the sandwich's honor. 

If temperatures hit below freezing between January 17 and January 22, fans will win a free Toasted Baguette Sandwich. If you live in New York City, Boston, Denver, Chicago, or Washington D.C. and the thermometer reads 32 degrees or less, Panera will drop a promo code for a free sammy on local digital billboards. If New Yorkers are hit with a particularly blustery day, they'll be able to glimpse Panera's promo code on the hit marquee in Times Square.

The Toasted Baguette Sandwiches start at $9.99 before tax and are scheduled to hit the market on January 12, but MyPanera members will be able to get their hands on the new sammy on January 6.