For Perfect Fried Garlic Try Adding Powdered Sugar

When you think about cooking with garlic, you probably think of it as an aromatic that adds incredible complex flavors and a delicious bite for your taste buds. It is a staple when cooking everyday recipes that make their way to your kitchen table as well as the flavor base for many favored Italian dishes that make our mouths water. According to MasterClass, the flavor of garlic changes depending on whether or not it is cooked. Sauté it up and it takes on what is described as a "nutty" flavor. Eat it in its raw state and the taste can be a little sharp and jarring. The flavor of this bulbous vegetable also transforms when it is dried and crushed.

But per Epicurious, if you are looking for a way to really add both a gorgeous scent and a crunchy texture, frying garlic is the prep method you need. The cooking site reveals that after trying Sheldon Simeon's method of microwave frying garlic the chef showcased in his book "Cook Real Hawai'i," you can't go back. However, if you are going to fry garlic, you may want to add a little powdered sugar for the perfect taste, and here's why.

It will cut any sharpness

According to Sasha Marx at Serious Eats, using the microwave to fry up garlic really is a time saver that produces incredible results. Marx also served up a tip that is worth keeping in your culinary arsenal when it comes to creating your crispy garlic. Marx recommends dusting it with a little powdered sugar to tone down any slight biting flavor the garlic might have. Marx chalks this trick up to knowledge she gained from working in restaurants. But if you are worried this addition will sweeten up your garlic, Marx says not to worry. It won't.

Adding that touch of sweetness to balance any pungent taste fried garlic may impart on a dish is not new. A blogger at Save My Bakes says if you run into this problem with your fried garlic, then sugar or honey — when used sparingly — can be your friend. But that's not the only way to cut the bitterness. Save My Bakes suggests you can also try using a little lemon or vinegar. So, the next time you fry up some garlic, don't forget the powdered sugar.