The Best Type Of Fruit To Pair With White Chocolate

From its buttery vanilla flavors to its silky texture, quality white chocolate is a luxury that shouldn't be overlooked. Instead, it should be appreciated slowly — square by square, nibble by nibble — ideally with complementary pairings. 

Curiously, no one's quite sure when this paler shade of chocolate appeared. While Nestlé lays claim to it as a 1930s invention, The Food Historian suggests that it might be older, perhaps dating back to 1916 or earlier. That said, Nestlé was definitely the first company to launch a mass-produced white chocolate candy, Milkybar (also known as Galak), in 1936. 

Since then, the humble white chocolate bar has evolved into a grownup sophisticate. From Askinosie to Amedei to Åkesson's, you can indulge in this porcelain treat as a genuine gourmet experience. But what exactly should you look for to make sure you're getting the good stuff? Serious Eats suggests that color is a clue, seeking out white chocolate with an ivory or buttermilk shade over pure white, as this suggests more cocoa butter instead of vegetable fat padding. And if offered a sample, take a sniff — if it smells subtle, floral, and complex, rather than cloying or artificial, that's a good sign. Finally, according to Reader's Digest, the taste should be rich, creamy, and velvety.

But once you've made your choice, what type of fruit should you pair it with?

White chocolate adores these fruits

For the best food combos, go for flavors that contrast white chocolate's sweetness or sing with its vanilla notes. According to Eat With Drink With, these include nuts like almond and cashew, cheeses like Fontina and Gouda, and herbs such as basil and mint. (If you want to get really daring, poach your lobster in white chocolate butter like chef Bart Vandaele of D.C.'s Belga Cafe, per Bon Appétit.)

And what about fruit? Kitchn suggests that, as white chocolate is the sweetest kind, you'll want to nibble it with tangier fruits for contrast, such as grapefruit or orange. The treat also pairs well with lemon and lime, but stay away from fresh wedges — their sourness will overwhelm its subtle flavors. Instead, try white chocolate melted with a tart key lime or lemon meringue pie.

This creamy delight is also best friends with berries such as raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry, cloudberry, and cranberry. A star match is blueberry, as white chocolate harmonizes well with its delicate flavors (via Hotel Chocolat). Plus let's not forget that coconut is a fruit too, and goes beautifully with vanilla undertones. So why not follow the lead of Love Foodies and whip up white chocolate coconut truffles with a nice kick of rum?

Finally, you might want to pep up your fruit and chocolate pairing with a glass of wine. Eataly suggests that Riesling or sweeter rosés are best — or if you're serving white chocolate and fruit as party nibbles, definitely pop open a Moscato d'Asti.