Chicago's Wieners Circle Hot Dog Stand Fulfills Promise To Feed Migrants

The Wieners Circle has been serving hot dogs in Chicago's Lincoln Park area since 1983, according to Restaurant Business Online. This Chicago hotspot is not only known for its hot dogs, but for its sassy attitude when customers order. 

The insults were first hurled a few years after the restaurant opened when one of the owners decided not to mince words when dealing with a drunk customer. The customer didn't seem to mind. In fact, with very few exceptions — a lone brick was launched at the restaurant in 2022 — the customers have embraced the saucy and profanity-laced language dished up with the Vienna beef chardogs ever since, reports Thrillist.

By 2020, The Wieners Circle had become such a beloved Chicago institution that it decided to put out a YouTube video for those missing the restaurant's four-letter insults during the coronavirus pandemic. The hot dog stand isn't just a Chicago favorite at this point, however. It has also acquired nationwide notoriety thanks to the television shows that have showcased its signature insult-laden customer interplay, including late shows hosted by Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert.

Of course, the insults wouldn't be taken so well if there wasn't a big heart and generous spirit behind them. Both were evidenced by The Wieners Circle's recent promise to feed migrants bused in from Texas.

The generosity behind the insults

Texas governor Greg Abbott has been shipping out migrants to sanctuary cities in the U.S. since last April, the New York Post reports, with approximately 16,000 recently bused to several northern destinations. Fifteen hundred migrants, in fact, were bound for Chicago. Fortunately, The Wieners Circle was waiting for them in The Windy City.

The hot dog stand tweeted out on December 27 that it wanted to feed the politically manipulated migrants, and reiterated the next day that it was committed to feeding those who arrived in the city's extremely cold winter weather. That pledge was fulfilled yesterday when The Wieners Circle delivered food to 60 migrants staying at an unnamed location, per CBS.

There was no word on whether The Wieners Circle employee who dropped off the food also delivered any of the hot dog stand's trademark insults, but we'd guess not. It's not a laughing matter when, as the New York Post notes, people in short-sleeved shirts are being involuntarily exposed to freezing temperatures.