The Butter Trick To Help You Prevent Cake From Sticking To The Pan

Attempting to make a perfect sponge cake at home is serious business. You'll find that the whole process requires close attention. Whipping egg whites until they've had enough air incorporated, sifting in your dry ingredients, and even baking the cake can be a difficult task (via Momsdish). However, one thing that can ruin the appearance and integrity of your entire cake is the process of removing it from your pan.

Somehow, we've made it this far into technological advancement without creating some magical way to remove a cake or bread from its baking dish effortlessly. Without the necessary greasing protocol, you can end up with a rugged, crumbly exterior that looks more like bread pudding. Luckily, there are ways to prevent the cake from sticking to the pan, resulting in a smooth and easy release when it's time to serve. Some opt for a quick canola spray, while others brush on melted butter. But there is a foolproof method for ensuring that your cake never sticks to the pan, although it requires an extra step.

Butter and cool your pan

It may seem odd to cool a pan that will go into a hot oven, but this is a necessary step for preventing a misshapen cake. The first step for preparing your cake pan is to melt the butter as you normally would. Yes, melting butter does require taking out another dish, but you'll find that this is necessary for an even coating of fat to protect your cake. Once the butter is melted, grease the pan as you normally would, either with a brush or a slow swirl, making sure to get all the edges and corners.

Eat Well 101 suggests the next step, which requires a bit of patience but is definitely worth the wait: Put your greased pan in the freezer or refrigerator for a short time so that the butter solidifies again. This process hardens the protective butter layer on your pan, thus further separating the cake batter from the pan. Without this step, it will be harder to ensure that your cake comes out cleanly and smoothly. Compared to room temperature or warm butter, cold butter is more likely to remain in a solid state while baking, which can create an effective barrier and help to prevent the cake from sticking, per King Arthur Baking. Additionally, cold butter is less likely to leave behind excess grease in the pan. So the next time you're preparing a cake, be sure to cool your buttered pan for the best results.