The Pantry Favorite That Adds Depth To Your Hot Chocolate

When there's a chill in the air, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a steaming mug full of hot chocolate. Maybe sipping on it is a form of nostalgia, and there's no denying there is something comforting about pouring yourself a mugful of hot chocolate. Or maybe it's your go-to warm drink because you love the way you can customize the creamy, chocolate taste. One popular way to build on the flavor is to add a shot of your favorite spirit, like a coconut rum, as detailed by The Spruce Eats.

Besides adding your favorite boozy flavor to your mug, you may be familiar with other hot chocolate add-ins or toppings that can upgrade your drink, such as marshmallows, whipped cream, or a drizzle of chocolate sauce. But there's another kind of sweet, chocolate addition that enhances your hot chocolate. Your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread isn't just for slathering on toast, baking in homemade cookies, or eating by the delicious spoonful. It turns out that adding it to your hot chocolate adds another level of flavor to the cool-weather drink.

Adding hazelnut enhances hot chocolate

When it comes to putting Nutella in your hot chocolate, Taste of Home recommends not only adding it to the drink but also an additional slather and crushed hazelnuts along the mug's rim for a delicious take on the cozy winter drink. It's not surprising that the rich, decadent combination of chocolate and hazelnut found in the popular spread results in an irresistible cup of goodness, and while you can add some to your mug, Martha Stewart calls for replacing all of the chocolate used in the beverage with Nutella by heating the milk and the spread on the stovetop.

There's something satisfying about slowly stirring dollops of Nutella into hot chocolate on the stovetop, but what about when you want to use up the leftover bits of Nutella that tend to cling to the curves of an almost empty jar? As reported by Delish, the best way to use up every bit of the spread is to apply a hack that calls for adding warm milk to the jar, tightening the lid, and shaking it up to make Nutella hot chocolate right in the jar. No matter how you choose to make Nutella hot chocolate, the result is a thick, silky drink that's luxurious and delicious.