Marcus Samuelsson's Jet Set Cocktail Features Globe-Trotting Ingredients

Chef Marcus Samuelsson is known for merging inspiration from his inspiring upbringing and local communities to create unique dishes and drinks. At his latest restaurant venture, Hav and Mar, Samuelsson has done just that. According to the Hav and Mar website, the restaurant concept by Samuelsson and Chef Rose Noël is yet another fusion, blending Samuelsson's roots and the team's diverse culinary experiences. Situated in New York City's artsy Chelsea neighborhood, small plates and family-style spreads are assembled in an open kitchen and made with ingredients that have been sourced with intention.

The cocktail menu mirrors the eclectic cuisine, with specialty drinks made from international ingredients and a separate list of aquavit, a spiced Nordic alcohol that can be enjoyed mixed into cocktails or served as a standalone beverage. From the Silent Partner — a cocktail made with Joven mezcal, espresso, mole bitters, amaro, and herbal elixir — to the Woman King, a drink mixed with Casa Dragones reposado tequila, yellow chartreuse, spiced pear, palo santo, and grapefruit oil — cocktail connoisseurs have their pick of libations to enjoy.

And for those wanting to experience a taste of other worlds, the Jet Set cocktail might just be the ticket.

A vacation served in a glass

From the published list of ingredients, it's clear the Jet Set cocktail is another recipe that samples international flavors. Caribbean and Indonesian rums are mixed with Swedish punsch and flavored with hibiscus, yuzu, pineapple, and lime. Swedish punsch is a Scandinavian classic that can be traced to sailors making rum punch with Batavia arrack. Yuzu is another flavorful addition, a zingy Japanese citrus that is best described as a hybrid merging the tastes and textures of lime, lemon, and grapefruit in one fruit (per The Guardian). 

On his Instagram, Samuelsson insists the Jet Set cocktail is "as divine as it sounds." The frothy cranberry-colored pour is garnished with slices of green apple and served in a coupe glass (per Hav and Mar's Instagram). According to the restaurant's cocktail list, the drink will take about $18 out of your wallet, but if it tastes as good as it looks, it's worth it.