Do You Need To Cook Canned Potatoes?

Canned vegetables can't be overlooked when preparing delicious, nutritious meals, insists UnlockFood. Vegetables that have been canned have longer shelf lives than typical produce and can be easily incorporated into soups, pastas, chili, and stir-fry recipes. If you're making meals for one or two people, canned potatoes can help reduce cooking time as you strive to set tasty dishes on the kitchen table.

For at-home chefs short on time, canned vegetables offer peeled and ready-to-go ingredients that don't quickly spoil. Plus, adds Summer Yule, canned vegetables can save a meal that needs to be made during inclement weather or when you can't find time to run to the grocery store. Canned potatoes, in particular, eliminate a lot of prep work. Since the potatoes have been cleaned and skinned before being placed in the can, these ingredients are easy to prepare to serve alongside main dishes or for breakfast. But what's the best way to eat potatoes from a can?

These potatoes need some heat

While you can, in theory, eat canned potatoes straight out of the can, they most likely won't taste great, admits IzzyCooking. Instead, rinse the potatoes to get rid of any excess salt, drain, and use the potatoes as you would any other spud: baked in the oven, cooked on the stovetop, or fried. Since canned potatoes are partially cooked, they are best heated up before consumption.

You won't need to cook canned potatoes as long as raw potatoes, notes Today. Canned potatoes are softer than raw potatoes and have been preserved by a vacuum seal. Summer Yule warns that canned potatoes are pretty bland, so season away with your choice of herbs and spices. Once the potatoes have been cooked, it won't be easy to know they have been rescued from a can. Try using canned potatoes in our old-fashioned scalloped potatoes recipe, or serve tomorrow's morning eggs alongside crispy-edged smashed potatoes.