The Dessert Chef Darren McGrady Always Made For Princess Diana

Some desserts are so good that one serving isn't enough. But when you're in the presence of others — particularly royalty — it's reasonable to feel shy asking for additional helpings. Former chef to royals Darren McGrady recalls Princess Diana doing just that: stowing away to the kitchen after meals to ask for more of the dishes she loved instead of requesting more to be served at the dining room table. 

McGrady told Hello Magazine that one sweet dish, in particular, was a favorite of Princess Diana's — crepe soufflé. The dessert was a light and airy recipe that McGrady would prepare with cream and a fruit glaze. McGrady insists this treat is easy to replicate at home, but timing matters. While the batter can be made ahead of serving time, egg whites must be fervently whipped and are better prepared just prior to baking. Additionally, McGrady recommends serving the dish warm, straight out of the oven.

Get ready for second helpings

What makes soufflé special is air, notes MasterClass, as this French dish is literally named for its ability to rise. Since its inception, soufflé recipes have been adapted to be served as both sweet desserts and savory dishes. Egg whites yield a soft, cloud-like exterior, resulting in a presentation that is as delightful to serve as it is to eat.

Soufflé recipes can be customized according to diners' preferences and can be made in individual serving sizes. Mix a batter of eggs, flour, milk, sugar, cream, and melted butter, instructs McGrady, and pour into pre-heated metal rings to cook. The fluffy baked treats can be topped with glazes made of an assortment of fruit. Raspberry, peach, strawberry, apricot, or any jam of your liking can be boiled and strained to top the layers of soufflé. Try topping the soufflé with cheese for a more savory treat, or treat yourself to this luxurious lemon recipe for a dessert that may also have you reaching for more.