Why Old-Fashioned Donuts Are Easier To Fry At Home Than Other Types

Compared to other donut types, the surface of old-fashioned donuts is rough and uneven. The dough is a bit denser, closer to a pound cake than sponge cake in consistency, describes Restaurant Clicks, and these sweet treats can withstand dunks into hot cups of coffee. Old-fashioned donuts are coated with glaze, and the jagged ridges of the donut capture pools of icing that harden and dry, adding a crunchy texture to the delicious hand-held treat. 

Visiting a coffee shop or bakery to buy donuts is one kind of joy, but making these irresistible treats at home can be equally — if not more so — gratifying. While most other donut recipes can intimidate aspiring bakers with perfectly round shapes and smooth coats of glaze, old-fashioned donut recipes offer a little more forgiveness to the at-home chefs among us. If you're wanting to make donuts and aren't sure where to start, an old-fashioned donut recipe might be the answer you've been looking for.

DIY donuts

Better Homes & Gardens admits that producing perfect donuts from your very own kitchen can seem like a tricky endeavor, and with the convenience of buying donuts easily from a store, making anything from scratch sounds like a chore. But frying your own donuts at home can result in fresher, less-processed breakfast treats and afternoon snacks that have the exact tastes and flavors you crave.

The best part of making old-fashioned donuts? They don't need to be perfectly even, encourages The Pioneer Woman, and these donut types require a lower temperature of oil to fry in. ChefSteps instructs that donuts can be placed into oil that clocks in at 340 degrees Fahrenheit, and since only a few inches of oil is needed to make the donuts, a deep fryer isn't necessary. Bakers will notice donut dough will first sink when placed into the oil, but the donuts will rise and turn golden. Once the tasty treats have been cooked to perfection, the donuts can be removed, cooled, glazed, and served alongside fresh cups of coffee.