The Kitchen Tool That Makes Coring Filled Cupcakes Easy

Cupcakes filled with pastry cream or strawberry jam can be a delicious surprise. From various nut butters, pieces of fruit, fruit spreads, sweet frosting, marshmallows, and even brownies, bakers have a collection of choices when considering how to pack even more goodness into these handheld pieces of cake. And while baking extra flavor into delicate cupcakes might first appear to be a time-consuming endeavor, it doesn't have to be, insists Baking Kneads

Removing centers from cupcakes is hardly an elusive culinary technique. To create the perfect indents in the center of cupcakes, several worthy kitchen gadgets are at your disposal. Boston Girl Bakes uses a butter or paring knife, melon baller, or piping tip to ready cakes for frostings and jams, but there is another tool waiting to be put into the cupcake-making game. Get ready to start cranking out irresistible batches of filled cupcakes from the comfort of your home.

Break out your apple corer

An apple corer is more versatile than you might think and can easily contribute to making flavored centers in your cupcakes, according to Baking Kneads. Simply insert the fruit-intended tool into the center of the cake, twist, and carefully lift out the kitchen gadget. You'll be able to remove cupcake cores quickly and easily, and baker's dozens will be ready to enjoy in no time. Of course, the removed cupcake cores can be set back into each cupcake to help lock in flavor and keep added spreads in place. 

If you want to try out these filled treats but don't know where to begin, start by making our delicious chocolate raspberry cupcakes, which get an extra burst of flavor from a raspberry jam filling. Or, you can take our carrot cake cupcakes and fill the center of each cupcake with an extra dose of frosting. For a surprise treat, pack cupcakes with cookie dough to make a dessert that serves up two favorites — cake and cookies — in one.