The Boozy Way To Add Coffee Flavor To Your Hot Chocolate

Marshmallows and a peppermint stick aren't the only ways to upgrade your hot chocolate – and coffee liqueurs aren't just for making Espresso Martinis. The flavor profiles of coffee and hot cocoa naturally pair well together, states The Spruce Eats, which is no secret. If you've ever ordered a mocha before, then you know what we're talking about here. But for a cozy drink that'll warm your bones in an entirely new way, you might try stirring a little coffee liqueur into your next mug of hot cocoa.

Earlier this month, Coffee Affection reported that 66% of Americans drink coffee every single day. That's a higher figure than the number of folks who said they drink water daily. Of these routine coffee drinkers, more than half said they aren't really interested in the utility purposes of the caffeine but that they're in it for the flavor. If you happen to fall into the Coffee Lovers Camp, and you're thirsty to cozy up with a hot drink to match, the coffee liqueur has officially entered the building. Here's how to make it work for your hot chocolate.

The upgrade you've bean looking for

According to chocolatier Lindt, pairing chocolates with complementary coffees is about matching likes with likes. Dark roasts work well with dark chocolates. Caramel and sea salt chocolates, it says, pair nicely with a standard black coffee. The same sentiment applies when selecting a coffee liqueur for your hot cocoa — it should suit your taste preference. Our homemade coffee liqueur recipe calls for Armagnac brandy. For a particularly espresso-rich flavor, Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur is made with 100% Specialty Arabica beans and Australian wheat vodka. For a milder taste, Kahlúa is made from a combination of rum and coffee. Along with a standout black coffee flavor, Kahlúa also features more dimensional notes of sweet butter and roasted chestnut, a complementary fit for a cup of hot cocoa.

To do it, make your hot cocoa as you normally would, but don't add the coffee liqueur until you remove the cocoa from the heat. According to the authority at Can You Microwave This?, due to alcohol's highly flammable nature, it's a good idea to avoid getting it near the microwave at all costs. Plus, states the Poison Control Center, when you heat alcohol, it emits a harmful vapor that can cause dangerously fast intoxication if inhaled. Instead, just stir that coffee liqueur into your warm hot cocoa. Start with one shot of coffee liqueur per 8-ounce mug of hot chocolate and adjust to taste.