Why You Shouldn't Store Bourbon In The Fridge

Served straight or mixed into cocktails, bourbon can deliver subtle flavors, and different labels can present a variety of tasting notes for drinkers to contemplate and enjoy. The taste of America's own booze can vary greatly when compared to whiskies made in Scotland and elsewhere, notes Liquor, and some pretty affordable labels can be purchased if you'd like to start sampling a few of the more noticeable differences.

While you can buy bottles of bourbon for under $50 dollars, you can also invest in labels that cost over $1,000, according to Robb Report (and, of course, many excellent brands are priced in the spectrum in between). Once you've taken time to select and choose an appealing label to add to your bar at home, you'll want to make sure the bottle is stored properly so you can enjoy every sip up until it is emptied. If you are tempted to stash the bottle in your fridge, you may want to think twice.

Savor nuanced flavor

As Enjoy the Bourbon recommends, the best sips of bourbon are found when served at room temperature. While you may mistakenly believe that storing bottles in your fridge or freezer may preserve some of the contents within, keeping bourbon in these kinds of cold environments can actually take away from the flavor of the alcohol and eliminate flavor nuances from the overall experience.

Instead, keep those precious bottles of booze away from direct sunlight, suggests Dramson, ideally upright in a cabinet or storage area where temperature fluctuations won't impact the liquid. Then, when you do go to pour yourself a wee dram, all of the bourbon's unique tasting notes will be on full display. Should you decide to serve the bourbon on ice, extra cubes can always be added, but the decision will be left up to the drinker, who may want to first sample the alcohol as it is meant to be enjoyed.