How Orange Juice Can Improve A Cheap Cup Of Coffee

Work trips, soccer tournaments, and quick weekend jaunts with loved ones can really change how and where you enjoy your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. You might find yourself popping into a gas station convenience store for a cup of java that is not quite up to your standards, at an airport with limited options, or even reaching for whatever is available in your hotel room. In fact, according to the Allegra World Coffee Portal CEO Forum, research from UCC Coffee revealed that three-quarters of hotel guests thought the coffee provided in their hotel room was poor or just average. 

Let's face it, not everyone is going to make coffee the way your favorite barista or your coffee pot at home does. But if you are among the 70% of coffee drinkers who have this beverage once a week or the 62% who drink it every day (per the National Coffee Association), then getting your caffeine fix and enjoying the drink in the process can present a challenge when it's not quite what your taste buds had in mind. This is when you may want to reach for a bottle of orange juice to spruce up your coffee. Thankfully, it should be available wherever you're getting bad coffee. 

OJ sweetens and brightens coffee

The orange juice and coffee combination has been around for quite some time. According to My Recipe, the good folks of Arizona have taken it to a whole new level, creating a cool cup of orange juice layered with a shot of espresso and spreading it around the local cafes. Nami cafe in Phoenix, Arizona has been serving the drink since 2011. But the desert state can't completely take credit for this combo. My Recipes notes that in cafes in Italy if you order an espresso drink, it will generally be accompanied by an orange or lemon peel. This is to "brighten" the coffee's flavor, and add a sweetness that contrasts with coffee's bitter taste.

This OJ-coffee combo has since taken off outside of Arizona, and you'll likely be able to find it almost anywhere you get coffee. In fact, this dynamic duo has become so popular, you can find TikTok videos dedicated to the art of creating a cup of coffee over ice with the perfect amount of OJ, and even a little tonic water to really make the drink pop. 

Why does OJ make your coffee better? The best way to understand is to try it yourself.