Why You Should Think Twice Before Seeking Out Trendy Wine

As Merriam-Webster defines, a trend is "a current style or preference." And what is current and trendy doesn't always remain so. This is especially true with food — remember cake pops, rainbow bagels, and unicorn drinks? These are just a few trends Business Insider recognized as having had their moment and then dying out in the 2010s.

And although it's been around forever, wine is not immune from the prevalence of modern food trends. According to VinePair, sommeliers generally agree that some of the worst recent wine trends have been over-engineered corkscrews, diet wine, wine apps for smartphones, lack of budgetary consideration on the part of professionals, and an unnecessary disdain for natural wines

Decanter states that trends in 2022 are leaning more toward the sustainable, the regional, the rosé, and the sparkling — because there is more to sparkling wine than just champagne and prosecco. It's unclear how many of these trends will have staying power for more than a few years. However, what is abundantly clear is that you, as a discerning wine consumer, should always think twice before acting on a trend.

Stick to the value that's put into the wine

According to National Geographic, archaeological evidence discovered in Georgia – the country, not the state — shows that Stone Age villagers were enjoying libations long before marketing, online influencers, and widespread wine fraud came to be. The drink was being enjoyed across the ancient world with "far greater sophistication" than we would have imagined. Wine was wine, and people liked what they liked. What more was there to say?

And that still stands true — as any sommelier worth their corkscrew could tell you that, especially if you prefer a white wine at a steakhouse. Wine speaks for itself and is often a source of pride for nations the world over, so it may come as a shock that some of the best are often the ones least represented by marketing trends. 

According to sommelier Cara Patricia, far too much money is spent on marketing instead of actually on the craft of the wine itself (via CNET). Brands that are tried and true, as well as those who sink their money into improving their product instead of simply advertising it, are always going to be your best bet when choosing quality wine.

Apart from your preference and taste, time-honored techniques at established wineries and owners who base their success on the simple enjoyment of wine are signs of value you should really get behind.