Your Next Cocktail Party Needs A DIY Garnish Platter

One thing that's often treasured as much as a good cocktail is a garnish that comes with it — and there are good reasons for it. From a ripe strawberry to an orange peel that's been twisted into a curlycue, or a fresh sprig of mint, these bits of adornment are prized by both the person drinking the cocktail and the one who made it. That's understandable since even something as small as placing a citrus twist in a glass can add a pop of color, an intriguing aroma, and a bright flavor.

If you're struggling with what ingredients to include for your cocktail party, Taste of Home notes several garnish options, including adding salt to the rim of a glass, plunging a cinnamon stick into a mulled cider, or even putting pickled vegetables inside a Bloody Mary and michelada. No matter what you choose to include, consider putting all your garnish offerings in one central location, which can add a fun and colorful element to your next cocktail party.

A garnish platter allows customization of your favorite drink

Charcuterie and grazing boards have grown in popularity, making appearances at everything from baby showers to game day parties. And besides the visual appeal of artfully arranging edible bites on a tray, they're also popular because people like having choices when it comes to their nibbles (via My Ginger Garlic Kitchen). That same concept has now moved into the cocktail space, with talk about garnishing boards making an appearance in a few places on the internet.

As noted in The Washington Post, a garnish platter gives guests the option of adding their favorite toppings to their glass or trying something new in their go-to drink. And Kaitlyn Stewart, known as TikTok user @likeablecocktails, shows you exactly how to go about it in just 15 seconds. 

They start by peeling an orange, slicing the thin layer, and then rolling it up with a toothpick or small wooden skewer. Of course, there are other citrus fruits, including pineapple, grapefruit, and sprigs of herbs accompanying the board, giving viewers a nice overview of what they could add to their new star of the party.

If you want to up the "wow" factor the next time you're hosting a cocktail party, take note and watch as your guests pick out their garnishes to make their night — and drink — even more enjoyable!