What's The Ideal Serving Size For Prime Rib?

Prime rib is one of the most classic main dishes to serve at a special dinner. Whether it's a holiday, some other special occasion, or you're just having a few friends over, if you want to impress your guests, prime rib is an excellent menu addition. As the name suggests, prime rib is cut from the primal rib region of a cow. It's also referred to as "standing rib roast," as it's typically roasted in the oven and prepared bone-in. Though there are multiple factors that have made it a mainstay for the holiday table, prime rib remains particularly popular due to its tender and juicy texture and luscious flavor caused by its fat marbling (per The Kitchn).

When it comes to hosting dinners, there's so much to consider in order to maximize your guests' enjoyment. Of course, there's the menu and the silverware, but another important consideration is how much of every dish you should prepare in order to make sure there's enough for everybody. This can be especially difficult to figure out when you're working with large pieces of meat like prime rib, but thankfully, the rule of thumb is simpler than you might think.

Make sure there's enough for everyone

According to Food Network, it's generally acceptable to supply one pound of prime rib per adult and half a pound per child that you'll be serving. The Kitchn adds that this means it's a good plan to prepare one bone-in rib for every two guests.

When it comes to shopping for prime rib, it's important to know that butchers typically separate the primal section of ribs into two smaller cuts. Per America's Test Kitchen, the two cuts are called the first cut, which contains meat closer to the loin, and the second cut, which is closer to the chuck end of the cow. The first cut is generally more tender, but some guests may actually prefer the second cut as it is fattier and more flavorful. No matter which route you take, now that you know how much to buy, you'll be in great shape to cook and season your prime rib to perfection.