The Kitchen Tool That Will Change The Way You Spread Cold Butter

There are three components necessary to make the ever-iconic recipe of buttered bread — bread, butter, and the right tool to spread that butter. Consequently, creating the perfect piece of toast is all about paying attention to the details. But, if you prefer keeping butter cold, then the perfect slice can easily be jeopardized. For a final result that looks as good as it tastes, there's a kitchen tool that'll change how you spread cold butter forever.

Buttered bread is undeniably delicious. The work of the Maillard reaction, Cosmopolitan shares that as a loaf toasts, a chemical reaction between sugars and amino acids occurs, which produces flavorful compounds. That said, The New York Times reminds us that different loaves may require different degrees of toasting. Adding creamy butter only makes the warm and comforting slice even more irresistible.

Speaking of butter, you've got options. There's tangy cultured butter, luxurious European blocks, airy whipped butter, golden grass-fed renditions, or even earthy butter made from the milk of other animals. As for the great salted versus unsalted debate, Today explains that salted is best paired with bread as it adds a bit of extra flavor and richness. However, if cold butter is far from spreadable, reach for this unlikely tool.

This peeler is a total butter game changer

There's nothing worse than trying to spread cold butter with a knife. In addition to being left with clumps of dairy products, the bread also risks tearing. While you could wait for it to come to room temperature, a clever trick circulating on TikTok is using a vegetable peeler to peel the chilled block of butter. Rather than invest in fancy knives, the hack uses a kitchen tool that you likely have on hand. It's also super simple and super effective. 

Working with butter that's just been removed from the fridge, LifeHacker recommends simply running a Y-shaped peeler lengthwise down the stick. You'll be left with thin ribbons of evenly carved butter that will melt with ease, won't destroy bread, and prevent a trail of crumbs. What's especially great about peeling butter is that it benefits not only toasted bread but any delicate food from crackers to popcorn. The wispy strands are also a great way to distribute fat evenly when it comes to grilled proteins or roasted vegetables. Additionally, impossibly hard sticks can also be shaved into pie crust dough, when softening butter by melting isn't an option.