The Spiced Liqueur That's The Perfect Addition To Winter Cocktails

The days are getting colder and it's time for cozy evenings at home. While you could snuggle all evening under some blankets, nothing warms the soul like a winter cocktail. Classic eggnog, spiked peppermint hot chocolate, and mulled wine are drinks that will make you feel snug even in the middle of December. Whether it's just to enhance movie night or for a holiday party with all of your favorites in attendance, having some spiced-up cocktails is an absolute must. Whether you prefer your winter cocktails warm or cold, alcohol-based or virgin, there's no denying that they are a must to help us get through the colder months.

Certain spices are a staple of these wintery drinks and can make almost any flavors scream winter. Cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg seem to pop up everywhere in holiday recipes — whether the dish or drink is savory, bitter, or sweet. They are fragrant, and warming, and have branded themselves as spices associated with the colder winter months (via Herbs at Home). With this said, there's another spice that deserves a spot at the table, especially when discussing winter cocktails.

Let's spice things up

Allspice dram (also referred to as pimento dram) is about to become your new go-to for winter cocktails. Made by infusing rum with allspice, a berry found on the Pimenta dioica tree has a taste that is similar to clove, but also has fresh and woody components (via MasterClass). While adding sugar can help cut some of the bitterness found in dram Serious Eats notes that allspice dram can be a touch bitter but still extremely flavorful. According to Alton Brown, drinking allspice dram is like enjoying "winter baked goods by a warm fire...with a kick." Sounds pretty good to us! 

Food & Wine explains because allspice dram is very strong, you don't want to drink it alone, but adding it to cocktails adds a strong depth of flavor. Instead, they recommend making an allspice old fashioned by adding allspice dram to a traditional old fashioned recipe or using it in rum-based cocktails as allspice dram is rum-based as well. 

However you decide to use it, allspice dram will surely add a punch of flavor to any of your cocktails. It's certainly worth a shot!